"MATANGO x Rockin'Jelly Bean" Silk Screen Print

"MATANGO"(a.k.a. Attack of the Mushroom People) x Artist Series

We are very excited to release this project with Nauts Inc.
We collaborate with Japanese legendary horror monster movie "MATANGO"(a.k.a. Attach of the Mushroom People) directed by Ishiro Honda(Original Godzilla directer).
Artist is, Rockin'Jelly Bean, Naoya and Katsuya Terada.
Enjoy this amazing collaboration with Matango and Artists.

"MATANGO x Rockin'Jelly Bean" Silk Screen Print
Designed by Rockin'Jelly Bean
Size : 515 x 728 mm
Edition : 200pcs
Price : 14,040yen
Hand numbered.


Item Number:MTG-RJB01

14,040 YEN